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We empower our customers to create value in their businesses and become successful through our spectrum of services.

Financial Consulting

In the current highly competitive & volatile business environment it is important to have sound financial management, to support the other functions of the organization.

With our experience, we assist our clients to achieve enduring value by lowering their costs, streamlining their processes & providing higher service levels.

We provide advice in transaction processing, producing Financial & Regulatory Reports & Management Reports, and implementing proper internal controls to avoid unnecessary risks & fraud.

Business Plans

A business plan is an essential road map for business success. This is a dynamic document, which charts the direction a Company would take in the next 3-5 years.

We have the experience to guide organizations to reach their goals & achieve lasting and sustained success by preparing sound & practical business plans.

Our industry specialists would conduct series of interviews with Senior Management & Middle level Management to understand the business & the challenges & assist organizations to formulate achievable goals & strategies and prepare a winning business plan.

Project Proposals & Feasibility Studies

Project proposals & feasibility studies are essential to ensure that all facets of the projects are addressed & financial projections are carefully prepared to ensure that the projects would be successful.

We have experience in preparing project proposals & our consultants will conduct the necessary interviews within & outside the organization in order to prepare good project proposals acceptable to the stakeholders. We also have a good track record in getting funding for our clients from the banks & funding agencies.

E-Governance Solutions

Through the e-governance, the government services will be made available to the citizens of a country in a convenient, efficient & a transparent manner.

Crimson Logic, is a Singaporean Company & is a trusted partner to many governments all over the world. We represent Crimson Logic in Sri Lanka &with their assistance we will help governments to transform their operations to effectively serve the citizens of the country.

Information Security

With technology advances information is readily available through many devices like the computers, tablets & the mobile phones. But, at the same time due to the very technology, security threats have increased. Therefore, mitigating the risks and protecting the Company information has become very critical to the survival of an organization. Our experts have the capability of advising the clients to protect their IT infrastructure & applications with the correct processes, compliance frameworks & tools.

Project Management

Project Management is essential to plan & control projects to ensure that the desired objectives of the projects are met . Currently many organizations end up with cost overruns which results in huge losses , mainly due to lack of Project Management skills. We have Project Management capabilities to help organizations to manage, control, resolve issues & maximize the utilization of resources & complete projects within budget & at the stipulated time frame.

ERP Consulting

Many organizations today are implementing ERP solutions but, they lack the experience & the methodology to carry out a successful implementation. As a result many ERP implementations fail although these organizations have selected the most suitable products.

We have the experience & the capability to manage ERP implementations & ensure that they are implemented as per the blue print & within budget & the stipulated time frame.