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Web Development

We provide,

  • Modern and professional designs based on your industry and the target market.
  • Content Management System (CMS) integrated Websites. We support WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based web development depending on the client need.
  • E-Commerce ready websites built on Magento or WooCommerce platforms.
  • All our websites are Search Engine friendly and comes with SEO friendly features built in, easing the work for Digital Marketers to quickly promote a website on Google or even Facebook.

Mobile App Development

Finetech provides customized Mobile App development facilities to many industries.

  • We have expertise in providing Mobile Apps for Financial and Retail sectors to streamline and optimize their business processes.
  • Our mobile apps are built on the trusted and reliable Google architecture. And all the information is backed up to the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Also the security provided by the Google platform is integrated into our Mobile applications.
  • With offline syncing capabilities built into our application we make sure that our apps work even on the remote areas of the country where the internet connections might not be readily available.