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Stablished in 2007, PeopleLink pioneers modern video conferencing solutions to unleash the power of virtual collaboration. We help organizations worldwide confront the distance problem with innovative video communication solutions to achieve higher productivity, better customer service, reduced operational expenses and greater ROI for the customer. PeopleLink has pioneered some of the most innovative Video Enabled Business Process software products such as Video Commerce, Video Governance, Telemedicine and Virtual LMS. Its range of offerings includes next generation video technology software as well as Audio Video peripherals focused on various industry verticals.


InstaVC provides a complete suite of Video Collaboration
across industry verticals to help meet your unique demands.


Smart Virtual Classroom Solutions with PeopleLink

Set up a Best Smart Virtual Classroom Solutions with PeopleLink

The need for smart classrooms in schools, colleges, universities and online tutorials is increasing day by day. It is increasingly important for the technical departments of Schools, Universities, and Colleges to understand how to set up the best smart classroom solution for their organization.
An ideal smart and virtual classroom solution not only should provide a seamless classroom environment for the students and teachers but should be easy to set up and use and Affordable to implement. PeopleLink offers smart classroom solutions that transform every traditional classroom to a boundary-less virtual space where students and teachers can interact in a face to face real life like session very easily. This on-demand learning helps students to have a better learning curve wherever they are – either on-campus or off-campus.
With PeopleLink’s complete online classroom package that operates on a unified communications platform, All you need is a moderate bandwidth network coverage in your school or college or any online teaching institute to get the maximum user experience. With innovative and meaningful use of technology, PeopleLink is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools.
Smart classroom technology is a success as visually attractive methods of teaching engage the audio-visual senses and are proven to be more appealing to the students.
Let us understand the main basic requirements to set up a successful Smart Virtual Classroom Solution with PeopleLink.


Focus on your patients with a Seamless HD Video Experience

Digitally Transforming the Healthcare Sector

Digitizing healthcare makes for faster communications, effective treatment and ultimately better health outcomes. Healthcare professionals can now extend their reach beyond geographical boundaries and people in rural areas can avail quality healthcare services by connecting virtually.

Challenges Faced By The Healthcare Sector Include:

  • Disconnect between nurses and physicians
  • Loss of revenue due to delays in admitting new patients
  • Delays in discharging existing patients & readmitting chronically ill patients
  • Increasing travel costs for remote patients

Room Solutions

PeopleLink provides solutions for various room types (personal, huddle, conference, training & board) that facilitate local or remote meetings using high quality AV solutions, plug & play, remote control, and instant content sharing.
  • Personal Rooms
  • Small/Huddle Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Executive/Board Rooms
  • Training Rooms


Simplified Conferencing Solutions For Enhanced Collaboration


  • High Scalability
  • Hot Redundancy
  • 4k@30fps Supports
  • API to Integrate with any Application