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Smart Data recognizes that in order to be valued, we must first demonstrate value. Thousands of partners trust Smart Data to enable their organizations to compete and thrive in a cloud-powered future by delivering on this promise.

Partner First

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Relationships are at the heart of our business, and we prioritize our partners’ business potential from the start, during, and long after every deal. Everything we do is based on respect, trust, open communication, and honesty, and we assist our partners with commercial insight, technical experience, go-to-market strategies, and great support services.

Cloud First Experience

Smart Data's experience with channel go-to-market paths assists resellers, MSPs, ISVs, and SIs in transforming their business models, establishing cloud practices, and generating recurring income streams.

Helping Partners Win

Smart Data was founded with a clear purpose: to help partners make money, save money, and reduce risk. PRISM, Smart Data’s partner portal, facilitates this, making it simpler for partners to buy, sell, build, and service cloud technologies and accelerating the process of provisioning, billing, and invoicing of licenses.

Empowering People

Smart Data believes our people are our greatest asset. They are our competitive advantage, and we take great pride in their diverse backgrounds, cultures, and commercial acumen. This fusion of diverse perspectives and a ‘humble, hungry, smart’ culture inspires our people to put partners first, supporting and empowering them to achieve their full potential, always.



Industry Leading Cyber Security Solutions


Founded in 2008, Smart Data Technologies Limited is a regional value added Cyber Security Distributor specialised in providing effective solutions for enterprise computing environments. We carefully research to bring some of the world’s most promising solutions to close the Cyber Security gaps.


We are the country’s fastest IT Solution Distributor


With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, we provide consultation and solutions to your security system needs.

Support & Maintenance

We also provide ad-hoc support to your system challenges as well as providing a full suite of maintenance services to ensure your system function the way it should be all year round.


We are more than just a product distribution company. We deliver product sales and technical training, as well as product specialist certification.

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Cyber Security Distributor

Representing only the finest innovative & disruptive technologies.

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Research & Development

Research in fields of vulnerability, operating system, apps and more.

  • Research
  • Security Testing
  • Defend & Secure

Taskforce Training

Building the new generation experts to handle Cyber Warfare.

  • Cybersecurity Skill Set Development
  • Offensive & Defensive Methods
  • Private & Public Sector

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