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About Us

Smart Data, a leading cybersecurity industry distributor, offers top-notch solutions from established vendors, including cloud, data, network security, and application security.


Your Trusted Partner

As a leading value-added distributor and a network performance solutions provider in the cybersecurity industry, Smart Data brings top-of-the-line solutions to the market by providing a myriad of cybersecurity products and solutions from our network of established market-leading vendors through a channel of reseller partners. Established in 2008, our main headquarters are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and we have expanded business operations to other regions such as Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the UAE over the years.

Smart Data has an unparalleled portfolio of cybersecurity products and services that meet every critical Information Technology need, ranging from cloud, data, and network security to security gateways, isolation, secure file gateways, network detection and response, application security, and privileged access management.

A Highly Qualified Team

We have a team of highly qualified engineers trained in latest technologies to provide comprehensive technical assistance to your business operations and deliver the latest technologies and processes in a timely manner. Smartdata Technologies Ltd has developed specialised teams on product and support with our strategic alliance with industry’s leading product principals and ensures best support services to our Customers and Partners.

We take pleasure in fostering an inclusive culture where everyone has a voice and we all cooperate to achieve common objectives. Our greatest asset is our people. Each individual at SmartData makes a significant contribution, bringing fresh viewpoints, abilities, and ideas that help define who we are.

To succeed and enjoy our careers at SmartData, we think it’s crucial to cultivate cooperation and collaborative habits. Our company has a competitive advantage because of our collaborative culture.

We have had tremendous growth over the past few years, which has made our staff diversified and powerful. We take advantage of this diversity to develop, solve issues, and come up with solutions.

We are committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce with equal chances for everyone as a global corporation. A group of diverse employees from around the company make up our One Team Cultural Council, which is leading initiatives to foster an atmosphere in which people can be themselves and flourish.


Our Conglomerate

Each of the conglomerate companies has its own unique brand and identity, but they all share a commitment to quality and innovation. They are all focused on providing their customers with the best possible products and services.

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